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Links to websites with information about runes from a linguistic, archaeological or technical point of view.

Runic inscriptions

An English dictionary of runic inscriptions in the younger futhark
A lexical database at the University of Nottingham which contains all words used in younger rune inscriptions.

Arild Hauge’s runes
Information about runes, vikings and older Scandinavian culture.

Christer Hamp
Photos and transcriptions of hundreds of Swedish runestones. (In Swedish)

Nordiskt runnamnslexikon
Lena Peterson in Uppsala has compiled this dictionary of all personal names and place names used in Scandinavian runic inscriptions.

Nytt om runer
International peridodical for runic studies, published in English by the Runic Archives at the University of Oslo.

Nytt på runfronten
News in the runic fields, edited by Jan Owe. (In Swedish.)

Information about runestones from the Swedish National Heritage Board. (In Swedish.)

The website of Thomas Carlson and Gunnar Nordin contains photos of Swedish runestones, with transliterated and translated text. (In Swedish.)

Runstenar i Sverige
Staffan Blixt presents photos, transcriptions and facts about runestones. (In Swedish.)

Samnordisk runtextdatabas
Downloadable database with Nordic rune texts, issued by the University of Uppsala. (In Swedish.)

Svenska runristare
Digital version of Svenska runristare by Erik Brate, published in 1926. (In Swedish.)

Svenskt runordsregister
Dictionary of words (except proper names) used in Swedish runic inscriptions from the Viking age, compiled by Lena Peterson. PDF file. (In Swedish.)

Sveriges runinskrifter
Digital version of Sveriges runinskrifter by Erik Brate, published in 1922. (In Swedish.)


Runic fonts

The Hnias runic font contains the 81 runic characters in the Unicode standard. It is designed for webb publishing of normalized runic texts.

Rätt satt Hård & Lagman
Svante Lagman’s runic fonts are the most widely used fonts in current runological literature.

Gullhornet and Gullskoen
Odd Einar Haugen’s runic fonts Gullhornet and Gullskoen contain many variants and are widely used in the scholarly world.

Kensington runes
Christer Hamp has made a font containing the runic characters used on the Kensington stone.

The secret writing of the Viking age.

David McCreedy's Gallery of Unicode Fonts
Overview of free fonts containing Unicode runes.


Encoding and typing

Runic Unicode
Jan Egil Kristiansen on the Faroes informs about runic encoding in Unicode.

Test for Unicode support in Web browsers
Alan Wood’s test page for Unicode runic characters.

Rune Tool
Alan Yates in Australia has made a JAVA script for runic typing.

Rune Scribe
Evert Mouw in the Netherlands has made a PHP script which translates from latin letters to runes.

Runic Keyboard Layouts
Six runic keyboards from BabelStone.

Tangentbord för runor
Lars Törnqvist’s runic keyboards for Keyman Desktop. 

Thomas J. Webb’s Ecology Blog
Links to runic keyboards for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.


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