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Fraktur type


Links to websites with downloadable Fraktur fonts or information about Fraktur type. The sites are in German, if not otherwise stated.


Bund für deutsche Schrift und Sprache
Information about German language and German letterforms.

Reading old German handwriting. There are English and French versions.



Delbanco Frakturschriften
Commercial Fraktur fonts by Gerda Delbanco.

Edition Romana Hamburg
Commercial Roman and Fraktur fonts by Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Helzel in Hamburg. There are a few free fonts.

Commercial Fraktur fonts by Friedemann, Volker and Markwart Lindenthal.

The largest commercial font vendor in the World sells Fraktur fonts from many foundries. (In English.)

Typographer Mediengestaltung
Free Fraktur fonts, digitized by Dieter Steffmann in Germany.

Will Software
Will Software GmbH sells the font package "Altdeutsche Schriften".


Typesetting rules

Sprach- und Schreibtipp Fraktur
Fritz Jörn gives an overview on the use of Fraktur in computers. Many links.

Die S-Regeln in der Fraktur
Rules for long s and round s in Fraktur, by Helmut Delbanco. PDF file.



OCR software
ABBYY FineReader XIX für Fraktur is an OCR software specially developed for recognition of Fraktur text.

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