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Hnias Runic font


A Unicode runic font, keyboard drivers and a couple of fonts for secret runes.

Links to more information about runic inscriptions are found on the Runes linkpage.

Hnias Runic font

This Runic font is designed for web publishing, containing all 81 Runic characters in the Unicode 4.0 standard. All characters are manually hinted for good presentation at low screen resolution.

Download Hnias (Truetype for Windows/Mac OS X)
Version 3.3 (2004-10-25)

Type specimen, PDF file

Encoding table, PDF file


Keyboards for Runic fonts

Tavultesoft Keyman keyboards enables typing Runic characters with a standard physical keyboard. The keyboard packages contain keyboards for Early Germanic Runes, Scandinavian Viking-Age Runes, Scandinavian Medieval Runes and Anglo-Frisian runes.

Download Keyman 6.0 keyboard package

Keyman Desktop
A software developed by Tavultesoft, enabling custom keyboard layouts. This software has to be installed before installing the Runic keyboard driver.




Secret writing of the Viking age.

Download Kvistrunor (Truetype for Windows/Mac OS X), version 1.0 (2004-10-28)




This Viking-age barcode is another type of secret writing.

Download Isrunor (Truetype för Windows/Mac OS X), version 1.0 (2005-06-28)


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